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Virtual Assistant Services that can make a difference for your business! Does Your Company Need a Virtual Assistant?

Does it seem that you've got way too much to do recently and you barely see the outside of the office? You might want to start considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to get some of that extra work of your back. Expert virtual assistants are a great solution for all your business marketing, bookkeeping, administrative and much more…

No need to hire full-time employees or build an infrastructure for activities that can be done more professionally, efficiently and at a much lower costs. Our Virtual Assistants are the Best Trained in the Industry. I'll Show You How to Free Up Your Time, Lower Your Overhead and Grow Your Business! Are you in need of a Virtual Assistant for any job or project? Get a Virtual assistant today for your business

Virtual Assistant Services We Provide:

  • Web Design & Maintenance
  • Graphic Design & Services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Office Administration
  • Research
  • Data Entry / Processing
  • Personal
  • Customer Service
  • Support
  • Answering Service

Why Choose Us For Your Virtual Assistant Services

Cost Effective

You can hire a virtual assistant from Required Marketing Group Inc. and cut your overheads by up to 76% on a traditional employee. No more employee insurance, workers compensation, holiday pay or sick pay, we take care of all that for you. No need to pay for expensive office overheads that other outsourcing companies add into the costs as all our staff are home based and have their own quality office/work space.


Here at Required Marketing Group Inc. we don’t believe in locking our clients into long term contracts, because we know if our services are good enough our clients will continue to use us. Because our services are a on a month to month basis you have the flexibility to increase / decrease your remote virtual staff as you feel fit, giving the flexibility to grow as your business does! You can also easily add extra staff or swap shift times at any time you need making our service very user friendly.

Quality Control

We have a strict quality control process to ensure all work is up to the highest standard. We also have a project manager and HR manager who will ensure your VA is maintaining our expected high standard. You will be able to have direct contact with an assigned project manager making it easier to work with your virtual assistant.


All our staff has prior experience or education in the chosen field and work within our supervised facilities. We help keep all our staff accountable and reliable by systematically checking up on them on a daily basis and making sure they are always happy and motivated.


We do regular checkups on all our staffs’ offices/work spaces to insure their facilities are up to standard. This includes hardware, software, internet and actual work environment. Because of our regular checks and pre-employment checks we rarely have any issues regarding downtime for these reasons. Over The past few years the quality of home based employees working environment has dramatically improved making it a more viable business option.

Talent Pool

With two offices in the United States, one in New York and the other in California we have a presence in two of the United States largest talent pools with some of the finest universities in the nation. We have a large data base of quality and highly skilled Americans;


We make all our staff agree to terms and conditions that help protect you and your company from liability and help make sure nothing goes wrong in the back-end of the services. We monitor all our staff with random screenshots on their computer to make sure they are not only working but to help protect you from any wrongdoing. We also thoroughly background check our VA’s to make sure everything is all clear before they start.


We use the latest technologies to make sure all staff production levels are kept high and you get the most out of your virtual assistants. This includes time tracking software, screen shots and our project management system that we have developed to help give you the edge when working with your VA. As long as you make sure you always have tasks for your virtual assistant we will do the rest.


Training and knowledge is part of our core beliefs and that not only involves your VA but also yourself. We want to help give you the skills necessary to work effectively with your VA on a daily basis. We also specially select.


We help increase loyalty to you as a client by offering our staff higher than average wages and good working conditions. We are a US based corporation so staffs are more likely to stay with us long term and be more comfortable working with us long term knowing even if the project ends we will still have work for them. The longer your virtual assistant wants to work for you and your company the better saving you time and money training a new staff member.

What do you get when working?

  • Staff Clock In & Clock Out
  • Payroll Managed
  • Trial Before You Hire
  • Staff Are Productive
  • Recruitment Specialists
  • Terminate & Hire as Needed
  • Staff are Working Guarantee
  • Screenshots and Websites
  • Daily Reports
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • World Class Support
  • No Work, No Pay Guarantee

Virtual Assistant Packages

Package 1

Hire your virtual assistant
for 10 hours per month
for performing virtual tasks.

Package 2

80 Hours! This virtual assistant
service plan is the best for small businesses
who would like hire virtual assistants
on hourly basis for a month.
Preferred plan
$1145.00/ Month

Package 3

Hire a dedicated assistant
to work for you for 120 hours /month.

Package 4

Hire a dedicated assistant
to work for you for 160 hours /month.

Need help? We're here for you. If you have any questions call us at 1(347)68R-EQU4 or 1(718)233-2682)