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Every time I see little friends love to watch the show is very seductive, since a few days ago to break the other one table, so buy a new table to put on the agenda once again to thank LD, to accompany me to watch the major cruise lines . Brother itself is a tangle of ghosts, from fifty Xun, nigga, po8500 big orange toilet with love new ocean, hundred Blackbird tangle to tangle to go (in the final analysis is not enough Haha meters), large orange 8500 movement is good quality, but unfortunately ld feel too Sao gas direct pass, the texture of the ocean really good, but his quick release strap system only for the toilet also pass, tried to go behind a large black bird, bring a good feeling. ld say it is this, and when he saw my eyes hesitate guess I was still thinking big orange, so we have come out to see the next line of the table in Europe, during which ran to help the Lao Zhangren buy radar, then went back to the hotel to rest. After a night of tangled, and ultimately determine the big black bird. Wen bad brother, did not talk much on the map!

Like mechanical watches start from a very early age, I remember elementary school looking mechanical watch first feeling is amazing. Feeling that time tens of thousands to buy a watch is an impossible thing, I never thought I joined hundreds of family. The watch is in Toulouse, France bought before 3680 Euro breitling replica watches fixed price discount rebate 2w good win. Impatient to wait because there is no take what the! Start with black tape a Super marine culture. As a way to work six months after graduation in France a reward it! And a memorable day 77!

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